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Store Update!

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Hi there guys and gals!

Just wanted to let ya’ll know that we have marked-down some pieces in our shop. 30% off these select pieces!

Baby Blue Flower Child Dress


Vintage 70s Flower Child Babydoll Psychedelic Small Dress.

ORIGINALLY 57.00 Now : $39.50

Gold Paisley Vintage Dress


Vintage 60s Golden Paisley Silk Shift Shirt Dress Medium or Large. ORIGINALLY 32.00. Now : $22.50

Tribal Vintage Maxi Dress


Vintage 70s Psychedelic Flower Child Caftan Kaftan, Penneys One Size Fits All. ORIGINALLY 58.00. Now : $40.50

Pink Mandarin Vintage Dress


Vintage 60s Pink Shirt Dress with Mandarin Collar, Floral, Fans, ORIGINALLY 45.00. Now : $31.50

Click on any image to go to the listing! And feel free to check out the rest of the pieces in our shop as well!

New Year’s Resolutions : Jem

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So the year is finally at it’s end. This one has been particularly interesting for me – bad times and good times of course. But by December I had so many new interests and things I’m looking to work towards and build upon that 2014 is just looking all sorts of shiny and new.

Here are some things I am looking to get into this coming year :


Aerial Hooping / Lyra 

I took two introductory classes this month, but I have been following a lot of girls who do it this past year. Honestly I have been looking for a new interesting way to get exercise that wouldn’t be boring and in my opinion looks a lot more beautiful than taking pole lessons. Unfortunately the classes are a pretty penny here in NYC. But I found a lovely teacher at Body & Pole in Manhattan that I am hooping to take a class per month with, and do some additional conditioning on my own at home.

Nail Art
Nail Art
Nail Art
Nail Art
Nail Art

Building up my Nail Art Portfolio

My obsession with nails / nail-art goes all the way back to my middle school years in the 90s. It’s one of the most fun ways to put a creative touch on an ensemble, and even if you are looking schlubby that day at least your nails will still look flawless. My plan is to start building up my nail design book again – getting regular nail models – doing tutorials on this here blog – and possibly taking some courses to learn the nail basics (such as attaching tips / acrylics / professional manicure, etc.) .


365 Photo Project

I am no newb to taking lots of photographs each year. I am documenting everything kind of gal. But somehow I’ve never done one of those 365 photos projects. This year I want to give it a go. I’ve even already downloaded an app for my iPhone to remind me to take a photo each day.

I also want to print out loads more photographs this year – especially those from my film camera!

My Nook Dreams!
Proper Office Set-up
Copper Everything!
Kraft Paper Menu / To-do List
Magnetic Vintage Spice Storage

Making a house a home

I just recently moved into a new place together with my boyfriend. It is our first place together – and for New York it has quite a good amount of space. Unfortunately for us we didn’t have much in the way of furniture upon moving in together. But we both have big plans for all of the different spaces. I have a couple pinned above – this beautiful hanging chair from anthro for my nook, a proper office set-up (I currently write all blog entries either in bed, or at the kitchen table), we both love copper pots/pans – copper everything so hopefully we can start our collection this year, and then just other small touches that will truly get our house to feel like a home!

7 Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven

This one seems pretty obvious. But making this store/blog all it can be will continue to be one of my main priorities. Finally getting into the groove with Nicki on our scheduling for shopping / picture snapping / blog posts / other projects involving SMIH and what-not. I am excited for all that we will get into with our little baby shop in 2014

- – - – - – - – - – - -

Well those are my main objectives for 2014 – What are you going to strive to do in 2014, or continue to do in 2014. Anything fun?


Our Holiday Photoshoot

Jem Written by Jem

We had the pleasure of having our 2nd Photoshoot for Seven Minutes in Heaven, right around the Holidays! So we took full advantage of all of the great holiday colors and motifs we could in this shoot.

Also in this shoot you may notice someone very special to Seven Minutes in Heaven, Nicki! That’s right guys – she made it up here safe and sound with her lovely husband Steven practically hours before this shoot began.

We had a lot of fun and a lot of help making this shoot a success, and of course all of the pieces featured in this shoot will be available on our etsy this week!


Thanks again to everyone who helped us out including :

Our Models : Jocelyn and Stephanie

The amazing Photographer : Andres Zawadzki : Instagram him : @andreszz

60s inspired Updos brought to you by : Sandra Milena

The lady who came the earliest and styled all of the models : Sydney Scott: /

Special Thanks to Naty and George for helping out around the shoot as well!

Holiday Cookies!

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I love baking. Cookies are one of the easiest baked goods to prepare. And with the holidays in full force it is high time that you got into that kitchen of yours and preheated that oven and got to making some Holiday Cookies!

At my house growing up we always had the tradition of having family members over and all of the kids would gather around the kitchen and decorate sugar cookies with lots of colored sugars and jimmies and all sort of other pretty decorations. They usually looked like a mess afterwards and I don’t know if we ever ate all of them. But the act of it was festive enough for me!

I’ve pulled some fun holiday cookie recipes for ya’ll to try out this month!


Shortbread cookies – are by far my favorite cookies to make any time of the year, but this version makes it just a little bit more festive – probably even more so if you used colored sugars!

I love this holiday take on a cookie classic. I remember I used to get the original kind in the cookie aisle – but come to think of it I haven’t seen them in awhile – I wonder if they are still around? Either way, this cute ‘Shirley Temple’ is fun!

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without lots of excessive alcohol added into every sweet dish possible! These bourbon balls are doing it right by adding the colored sprinkles onto this potent cookie.

Now these I love for multiple reasons, I love myself some beets – in any form, and I love how the beets naturally turn these cookies into a fun holiday hue. I’m not sure I’ve ever had the original Rugelach myself but according to my findings these are very much a holiday favorite! 

Well whichever path you take this holiday season. Get to making something sweet and tasty for all of your loved ones – and of course pop a few of the right out of the oven ones for yourself!

The Pizza Underground – 60s Pizza-Themed Revival of The Velvet Underground.

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The Velvet Underground

It was during the early 2000s when I first became obsessed with The Velvet Underground. Amidst working a full-time job, my first year in college, my first time living on my own, and having my own car – I would drive around aimlessly (back before gas prices became too steep) pop their ever famous recording with Nico cassette in my car tape deck and bliss out to the drug-fueled tunes of this mid 60s band.

The Velvet Underground

I feel like this is a common story when people recall  their first time getting into The Velvet Underground it usually stems around some sort of ‘glory days’ or excellent times in people’s lives.

The Velvet Underground

The band was created by Lou Read and John Cale right here on the dirty streets of NYC and they also had the fortune of being managed by one of my biggest artistic influences Andy Warhol, which I’m sure was nothing short of inspiring in the way of having free creative musical rein.

The Velvet Underground

As the band went through many different band-mate configurations throughout the late 60s and early 70s it is the early two recordings that stay most in people’s brains when thinking about The Velvet Underground.

The Velvet Underground

With Lou Reed’s death this October has brought upon many tributes to the late singer. And with that sad event has come something lovely that originated once again on the now cleaner streets of NYC.

The Velvet Underground

The Pizza Underground, a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band. That may be a mouth-full but it sure is amusing. Take a listen here :

Currently they are just a medley band and do not have any full tracks – which anyone who is a fan of The Velvet Underground may be a little disappointed with – considering the droning on of the longer tracks on their albums is always a treat to get lost upon. The band was originally formed in February 2012 obviously as just a joke/laugh by musicians Phoebe Kreutz, Matt Colbourn, and Deenah Vollmer. The band may have a little celebrity upper hand with Macaulay Culkin joining the band this November and pulling together the above recording.

Not only have they created some fun music to hopefully let the younger generation segue into learning about the original band – they also have some fun imagery being created in their honor.

The Pizza Underground
The Pizza Underground
The Pizza Underground
The Pizza Underground
The Pizza Underground

Personally I am in love with this combination and want to urge all my fellow New Yorkers to head over to their free show in Williamsburg TODAY at Baby’s All Right @ 7pm! Free Pizza While Supplies Last!

Partying in the 60s the Canadian Way!

Jem Written by Jem

1960s Canadian Party Cookbook

I found this beautifully illustrated miniature paper cookbook on etsy a couple of weeks ago and knew I had to review it for our blog over here. It was written by a Canadian brewing company and has some very fun and creative ideas of how to entertain using different kinds of beer as the center piece. Getting creative with beer has never seemed so elegant thanks to this cookbook.

It’s chock full of recipes usually centered around different kinds of parties you can have,  I will be going through them each week till the end, so you can have some party inspiration to last you all year long!

The first installment is getting the basics down! The first couple of pages inside the book give you the low-down on pulling together a party and giving you a little insight into the Canadian way!

p.s. if you are having trouble seeing the images at this size – simply click not the image and it will bring you to the larger size!

1960s Canadian Party Cookbook

The introductory page lets you in on the ultra hip modern Canadian lifestyle and how they like to party almost any time of the year. 

1960s Canadian Party Cookbook

The 2nd page is all about planning here are their tips :

  1. Plan guest list carefully.
  2. Complete guest list early so you know how many to plan for.
  3. Write your plan on paper!
  4. Decide on a Theme.
  5. Plan Menu one week before, and don’t make anything you haven’t prepared before.
  6. Do Party shopping far enough ahead.
  7. Prepare as much food ahead as possible.
  8. Position beverage bar away from area where food is served.
  9. Use one large dramatic decor instead of multiple small ones.
  10. As the hostess you are responsible for keeping the party moving!

1960s Canadian Party Cookbook
1960s Canadian Party Cookbook

The Final two pages in the introductory section give you all the fine dining tips of a beer connoisseur so that you will never mistakenly serve it incorrectly. Here are a few of the tips :

  1. Serve ale and lager in attractive beer glasses, the Stein is more suitable for outdoors or game room parties where everyone is on the move.
  2. Beer should be served at a temperature from 42 to 45 degrees, normally you will find this temperature on the bottom shelf of your refrigerator.
  3. For smoother, more enjoyable beer it should be poured with a proper head. Hold the glass upright and allow the beer to splash down the centre of the glass. If the head builds up too rapidly, decrease the flow. If the head is not growing fast enough, hold the bottle perpendicularly over the glass and allow the remainder to splash down and froth around.
  4. Beer glasses should never be washed with soap since the fat from soap leaves invisible traces on the glass which will cut down the beer head. After washing in hot water with detergent, the beer glass should be rinsed in cold water and turned upside down to drain. Some connoisseurs even insist on finishing glasses in a hot water and salt solution, then in clear water – then drain dry without wiping.

Now that you are all prepped and ready to get down to Party Planning, here are a couple of beer related pieces to get you on your way to hosting the most fabulous party!


60s Amber Continental Can Company Beer Pitcher Set with Four (4) Tall Depression Glass Tavern Mugs
Vintage set of 4 Amber American Eagle Crest Beer Mug Glass Stein

Can’t go wrong with some classic 60s amber beer glasses.

(click the images to go to their etsy page!)

Awesome Vintage Bakelite Bottle Opener - Butterscotch Swirl - Can Opener - 60s Barware

A lovely bakelite bottle opener for all opening all of your beer bottles with class and dignity!

Vintage 60s Olde Canhardware Insulated Pewter Beer Stein Ice Bucket

And finally this lovely pewter stein ice canteen, would look lovely as a piece for your barware set.

Well that’s all for now folks! Until my next installment – have fun party prepping!

Orla Kiely x Clarks 60s Inspired Line!

Jem Written by Jem

First I have to start off with a little squeal! Because look how cute all of these shoes are! When I originally saw them I knew I had to share them with our 60s lover readers.  Vintage shoes are always the hardest for me to find in my size – so when I find a current label that does Vintage justice I can’t help but be excited because I know I will be able to find a style that will work with my vintage pieces so effortlessly!

I remember first seeing Orla Kiely’s work when she did her first collaboration with Target back in 2009 and have always loved her bright, bold, colorful prints. They all just scream 60s/70s and I love it when I could possibly find a piece in a vintage shop and mistakenly think it was vintage for a second. That’s how I know a designer is doing true homage to the decades I love.

The above collaboration is slated for a February 2014 release.. Pretty close to one of my favorite holiday’s Valentine’s Day – where I am never afraid to treat myself to a new pair of shoes in celebration – and to complete the day’s ensemble perfectly! You can bet I will be in store trying these pretties on – and I probably will drag Nicki with me so we can give you guys a proper fashion show!

Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14

Her SS14 Collection is shown here with the shoes on display alongside a very Wes Anderson ‘Suzy Bishop’, Girl Scouts – photo shoot. How beautiful are all of these pieces – they just make me want to go on my own adventure with my girl-friends!

Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14
Orly Kiely SS14

I could go on-and-on posting more of her lovely collections and housewares – but I am going to save that for another time. You guys just have to settle for drooling all over these pretty pieces until we can get our hot little hands on them!

If you’ve gotta have something now – check out these hand-selected 60s Wedge and Platform beauties I found over on our favorite online shopping avenue Etsy!