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Vintage Fall Fashion.

Nicki Written by Nicki

For a lifelong Floridian, the concept of “fall fashion” and all of the excitement surrounding it has been mostly a lost cause for me. In Florida, our 4 seasons consist of Summer, Summer II, Hell, and Ice Rain (aka January). For years, I’ve been so envious of the girls who get to wear chunky knits and wool knee socks in rich earth-tones. It just seems so warm and romantic to me! Fortunately, I’ll be a New Yorker soon. I’ll probably be a bit late for fall this year, but next year I will be decked out in cozy Autumn threads and drinking pumpkin spice lattes!

It’s super easy to get a great vintage look for Fall. Lots of trends from the 60s are very in this season. So if you’re lucky enough to live in a place that accommodates warm, cozy fashion, go ahead and deck yourself out in a swingy cape, colorful tights, and over-the-knee boots!  If you can’t dig the cape, try a swing coat that’s the same length as your dress. So cute!

Over-the-knee boots are having a serious moment right now. You can find them just about anywhere. A few of my personal faves are here and, if you really want to splurge, here.

I’m also loving this vintage orange wiggle skirt. Paired with tall boots and a swing coat, it would make a great outfit for Thanksgiving dinner! What are your favorite Fall Fashion items? I can’t wait to have an actual Fall wardrobe next year!


Record Collecting.

Nicki Written by Nicki

There’s no denying it- I am a music fanatic. I’ve been collecting records since I was about 9 years old, which wasn’t easy considering I was 9 years old in 1992. Vinyl records had all but vanished into thin air, and the shiny new CDs were all the rage. My mom’s small collection of mostly Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin records helped to keep my passion alive for several years, and then in the mid-2000′s, something wonderful happened. Vinyl was back! The world had turned away from the easily damaged CDs, and went the way of the digital download. Suddenly, with nothing tangible to represent their passion, music lovers everywhere began turning to that old, warm sound of a needle on a big black dinner plate. I was thrilled!

Besides the fact that artists were beginning to release their albums on vinyl again (many accompanied by a digital download), one of the greatest things about the record upswing was the increasing availability of affordable turntables. Companies like Crosley started mass-producing record players that not only were in new working order, but had the classic look of players from the 1960s and 70s. Plus, they’re less than $150! That teal one is mine, I picked it up from Urban Outfitters about 3 years ago. In case you’re wondering what that checkered tape is all about, it’s holding a few coins on the back of the needle arm for counter-balance. An age-old problem with record players is that after a while, the arm becomes unbalanced and begins to drag on the record. The coin trick is something my mom taught me on one of her old players when I was a kid. Works every time! One day, I hope to get my hands on a classic record player cabinet- one of the most brilliant pieces of furniture ever created, in my opinion. The turntable, shelving, and speakers are all built in!

For now, I’ve got a pretty nice shelving cabinet to keep my current collection. It’s of course full to the brim, so there’s some spill-over. When my husband and I were in Paris recently, we hit the mother-load at a record store called Vinyl Office. We stocked up on early reggae records and french pop from the 60s. We even got a hefty discount for buying so many at once!

Here’s my favorite record in my collection- not necessarily because of the music, but because of the story behind it. I was minding my own business in a record store in Orlando, and who do I see but Fred Schneider of the B-52s! He autographed this B-52s single for me. Look closely- he wrote “wooo nicki”! Best autograph ever.

Nicki’s Semi-Vintage Wedding.

Nicki Written by Nicki

On October 5, 2013, I married the man of my dreams. We had a (very!) small ceremony at Memorial Park in our hometown of Jacksonville Florida, and it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Our style was very much vintage inspired, without feeling to costume-y. Nearly everything was DIY with a touch of vintage flair. My AMAZING bridesmaids made all of the decorations and details by hand, even our bouquets! Instead of a fancy wedding cake, I had a local pastry chef recreate my famous pink lemonade cupcakes (my husband’s all time favorite!), and instead of birdseed or rice, the guests threw rainbow sprinkles at us when we made our exit.

The main reason we chose this spot for our big day was our tree. When we first met, we went on a picnic at this very spot, and carved our names into the oak tree. As the story goes, we were having our picnic and looked over at the tree, seeing that someone had already carved “Steve” into it. We figured, “why not finish it?” So obviously it’s a very special spot for us!

When it came to planning the motif for the wedding, I knew I didn’t want anything that felt too “new” or pre-packaged. A lot of weddings seem to feel forced, like everyone is uncomfortable and putting on a play. We wanted something more authentic to who we are, so we went with a more “whatever” kind of attitude. We chose a pastel color palette, even thought it was technically fall, of mostly minty greens and aquas with a few blushy colors for pop. No one matched, and all I told my bridesmaids was “wear something mint”. They both picked out adorable short-length dresses, and I also went with a short dress. At 5’2″, finding a long gown is quite a challenge for me! Without even planning it, my bridesmaids and I were decked out in dresses and shoes all from ModCloth, an online shop that specializes in new clothes made with a vintage feel. My amazing aqua fascinator was a perfect vintage Etsy find, both of our wedding rings are vintage (mine has “June 6, 06″ engraved in it- that’s 1906!), and at the reception I carried my grandmother’s vintage beaded clutch. My hubby also looked totally mod in his suit from Topman, black and white loafers from Delicious Junction, and heart-print shirt from Coton Doux!

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect wedding, and it would have been impossible without my bridesmaids Adrienne and Michelle, my friends Jenny and Pricilla, and of course my incredible husband, Steven.

all photos by Dennis Ho.

Fashion Icon: Mary Quant

Nicki Written by Nicki

Several fashion houses have their iconic styles, images immediately conjured upon mentioning their name. Coco Chanel has her little black dresses and quilted handbags,  Christian Dior has his nipped-waist hourglass frocks, and Jean-Paul Gaultier has the (in)famous cone bra. When it comes to the 1960′s mod movement and “swinging London”, there is just one designer who defines and embodies the colorful, liberated look of that amazing time. Mary Quant and her Vidal Sassoon fairy haircut completely overhauled the look of young women everywhere. Most importantly, she had an integral part in popularizing a staple piece of clothing that has never gone out of style since its 60′s inception: the miniskirt!

Mary Quant’s use of bright colors and bold patterns put her right in the middle of the mod scene in London, with her shop, Bazaar, helping to make King’s Road a fashion hot-spot. She got the attention of all the most popular it-girls and models, including Twiggy and Patty Boyd, who were often featured in her ads and seen just hanging out in Mary’s punchy designs. Her miniskirt, named after her favorite car, was intended to be a liberating piece of clothing; something a woman could run for the bus in. Mary paired the skirt with colorful graphic tights, sharp haircuts, and mod makeup to create an irresistible look.

Mary wasn’t just a behind-the-scenes type of designer. She could always be spotted wearing her own fashions; she seemingly was designing for herself and girls like her. Even though she’s no longer designing, she’s still sporting great style and that signature crop at 78 years old. Her cosmetics line is still wildly popular in Japan, and you can always recognize anything Mary had her hand in by her signature daisy logo. Plus, all girls everywhere should be thanking Mary Quant for a modern miracle- she invented water-proof mascara! So next time you’re crying over your boyfriend while wearing your favorite miniskirt, remember who to thank. Mary!

Nicki’s Favorite Beauty Products

Nicki Written by Nicki

It won’t take any of you very long to realize that I love all things French, so it’s not too surprising that most of the items on this list are staples of French beauty!

1. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate  Some people like to call this stuff “24 hour miracle creme”. They aren’t kidding! I picked up a tube of this silky dream creme in Paris, and it instantly made my face super soft and and more radiant. Although it’s very creamy, it works perfectly under makeup. It is really the best thing I’ve ever put on my face!

2. Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo.  Everyone knows that dry shampoo is all the rage, and when I got a sample size of this one in my Birchbox a few months ago, I knew I had found mine! I’ve tried a few other brands to no avail. This cedar bark formula soaks up oil and makes your hair smell like delicious spices.

3. Marc Jacobs Honey. This adorably-packaged perfume is on my Christmas wishlist. I’ve stuck to my signature scent, Burberry Classic, for nearly 10 years and I’m ready to try something new! It’s got a refreshing, not-too-sweet scent and the bottle is just too cute.

4. l’Occitane Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner.  I was fortunate enough to find a travel set of the famous french apothecary’s product on my honeymoon in our rented apartment in Nice, and both bottles were half-full. My lucky day! This is by far the best shampoo/conditioner I have ever used on my horribly unmanageable hair. It made my hair silky and soft, something I thought only happened in the movies. It smells lovely, too!

5. Bourgois Rouge Edition Lipstick in Rouge Making Of.  I don’t quite understand the name of the color, but this lipstick is absolutely gorgeous! It’s glossy, but not sticky, and lasts for quite a while. It’s just the right shade of cherry red that’s complementary to any skin-tone. 

6. Le Petit Marseillais Creme Mains. This almond and argan oil hand creme is pure luxury. The scent is intoxicating, and the lotion is so smooth and not the least bit greasy. I just can’t resist the smell of almond!

7. I.C.O.N. INDIA Oil.  As previously mentioned, my hair can be somewhat unruly. This oil works wonders for my fuzzy, dry strands. When I use this oil, my hair dries perfectly silky, no damaging heat-styling required!

8. Yes To Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair Serum.  Even with my sunscreen obsession and trying to avoid the intense summer sunshine, 30 years of living in sunny Florida has taken it’s toll on my skin. This fruity serum has visibly lightened my dark spots and made my skin smoother and generally brighter. Added bonus: it’s 95% natural! 



Vintage Paris

Nicki Written by Nicki

When I think of the fashion capitol of the world, I of course think of New York. However, the style capitol, in my opinion, is Paris. The Parisians can throw on a black tee shirt and some eyeliner and instantly look chic and polished. Even their vintage shops are effortlessly styled. The Hippy Market and Espace Kilwatch (both under the same owner), in the 1st arrondissement are total cornucopias of fantastic fashions, mostly from the 70’s. This seems to be the decade of choice in most of the shops; I’m guessing it’s because of the American vibe the clothes give off. I found oceans of denim jackets, cowboy boots, and western hats.

The vintage shops in Paris are beautiful to the eye, but not so attractive to the pocket-book. Be prepared to pay top dollar for these French-approved duds. I found that these shops are more about finding a statement piece than rounding up a big haul. Whatever you find, the experience of shopping in Paris is a surreal experience. So, if you ever find yourself in the city of lights, do yourself a favor, and shop ‘til you drop!

Vintage Is Your Friend!

Nicki Written by Nicki


When it comes to clothing, the word “vintage” can sometimes stir up images of kitschy old ladies and the cast of Laugh-In. I’m here to tell you that vintage clothing isn’t all poodle skirts and far-out psychedelic prints. Vintage is all about finding one-of-a-kind items that play up your features and express your personality. The best part is that it’s super easy to pair vintage pieces with newer favorites for a totally unique look!


I picked up this adorable sleeveless top at a vintage shop in New York. Here I just paired it with casual denim shorts and simple ballet flats from Forever 21.


Here’s a fun vintage floral button-up blouse, worn two ways! Above, I’ve tied it over a bustier top with a tie-dye skirt, both from Forever 21. This one is more of a bold, kitschy look.