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Our First Photoshoot!

Jem Written by Jem

Our first Photo-shoot for ‘Seven Minutes In Heaven’ was such a blast! All of the girls I have known from previous jobs and I had a great deal of assistance from some very talented people. The photos that we ended up with, were exactly how I had envisioned it for our first time out, and I couldn’t be more happy with it! Here are the editorial shots we took from the day :

The hair and make-up was kindly done by one of the models friend’s : Michelle Elizabeth ( and the styling was assisted by my lovely friend James, who was so helpful and professional, and being an ex-model himself knew just how to give direction to the ladies to help get the perfect shot!

Here are what the listing posts looked like for some of the items  (click thru to go to the shop btw!) :

Pink Mandarin Vintage Dress
Baby Blue Flower Child Dress
Sunflower Fall Vintage Dress
Pale Blue Designer Vintage Dress
Gold Paisley Vintage Dress
Pink Marilyn Monroe Wiggle Dress
Tribal Vintage Maxi Dress
Lavender Baby Doll Dress
Silver Mod Dress


and here are some of the behind the scenes instagram photos from the day.


All in all it was a lot of work, and I am so appreciative for everyone who put their time in to help make it a great shoot!

Nail Art for Beginners !

Jem Written by Jem

Okay so I don’t know about you guys, but I have always been obsessed with personalizing everything about myself as often as I can. From the obvious, clothing, to hair accessories, tights- shoes – jewelery. But the one that has evolved a lot in my lifetime has got to be NAILS!

I remember my cousin going to nail school back when I was a teen in the 90s and I made her do my nails every time she came over, I had an extensive nail polish collection, and as this was the 90s there wasn’t too many nail decorations you could get back then to put on your nails – other than what the beauty supply stores offered, but I did with what I had.

Fastforward to 2013, and I am still obsessed, and always trying to expand my nail kit. Back on an older personal blog I kept, in early 2010 when I first moved to NYC I sent out craigslist ads to get hand models or just models to come to my house and let me do their nails.

Which as you can see are pretty basic! Each of these has their own step-by-step tutorial on my flickr as well if you wanted to learn how to do these designs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10  .

Also here are some videos of a couple of them if pictures do not help :


So those are some basic nail designs, which I simply used a base coat, nail coloring of my choice, and a top coat. Nothing fancy unless you include the miniature nail pens.

What I’m getting at, is this is going to be a recurring feature here on Seven Minutes in Heaven! I will be showing you what new things I am adding to my kit, and hopefully Nicki will be my model so I can show you how to do some of the nail designs I come up with!

Here are some pictures of nail designs I have done on myself lately:

Stay tuned for more nail fun!

Vintage Is Your Friend!

Nicki Written by Nicki


When it comes to clothing, the word “vintage” can sometimes stir up images of kitschy old ladies and the cast of Laugh-In. I’m here to tell you that vintage clothing isn’t all poodle skirts and far-out psychedelic prints. Vintage is all about finding one-of-a-kind items that play up your features and express your personality. The best part is that it’s super easy to pair vintage pieces with newer favorites for a totally unique look!


I picked up this adorable sleeveless top at a vintage shop in New York. Here I just paired it with casual denim shorts and simple ballet flats from Forever 21.


Here’s a fun vintage floral button-up blouse, worn two ways! Above, I’ve tied it over a bustier top with a tie-dye skirt, both from Forever 21. This one is more of a bold, kitschy look.

Inspiration Behind the Blog

Jem Written by Jem

It’s hard sometimes to focus on what inspired me to start ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ with Nicki, but I wanted to give an idea of what has been spinning around in my head for the last couple of months, that gave me the push to start putting things together. My love for Vintage has always lingered around every different type of style I’ve had since I knew what ‘thrifting’ was when I was in High School. But I’m the type of girl who has always been for the bold look, the weird look, or just the statement piece.

So my very first inspiration post for SMIH (oooh our first acronym usage!) will be based on being bold and fabulous, and always paying attention to the details!