My Current Nail Kit.

Jem Written by Jem

So last week I gave you an insight to my Nail obsession. This week I will show you what is currently in my nail kit!

Current Nail Kit

I have slowly been adding pieces to it throughout the years, but have added a lot of little pieces in the last couple of months. A lot of my nail polishes I have had for quite awhile, I have a good collection of the fad nail polishes – like the ‘crackle’, glitters suspended in goo, neons, and matte’s. I have no prejudices against brands, whenever I see a color I like I usually pick it up regardless of brand – just to try it out. I have forever 21, $1 store, shoe store, essie, orly, all the way up to the $20 Deborah Lippmann’s. I obviously don’t suggest the cheaper ones if you are trying to have a professional nail kit – but if you are just having fun by yourself or hosting a nail party/club then I think it’s okay to have a varied selection.

I have almost an entire bin of nail art ‘pens’ or skinny tipped nail brushed nail polishes that I bought on ebay in 2010 – (which I review below). I’ve tried the revlon nail stickers (which I liked but found more time consuming to put on than doing custom designs), and some plain loose glitter that I’ve used maybe once or twice for designs.

Nail Kit Decorations

The most exciting thing (currently) to me in my nail kit are all the nail decorations I have recently been collection from various online stores. I will go through piece by piece each thing I have in there now and if I would recommend them :

Fimo Slices! These are probably the thing I want the most of but it is hard for me to justify spending more than $3 on them because they are so small, and honestly they go fast – especially if you like to get crazy and put lots on each finger when you are dressing up. I only buy then pre-cut if you were to get them in the logs they come in and buy a slicer as well you could get them for a lot cheaper, but I am not quite there with my obsession. The three different kinds I have are all from Krafts and Kreations by Katie. She has a small collection but all are $1 for 100 of each shape or assorted mixes for a bit more. They come in these little baggies, which are okay – but I would have preferred if they were in their own little separated cases like most other sellers do – because it makes it easier when you are trying to deco your nails. But her prices are unbeatable if you are just starting out with your nail kit this is a good amount. I have had mine for a couple of months and haven’t used them all yet.

Nail Gem Stones


What is a nail Kit without Rhinestones? Boring that’s what it is! I bought this 3000 pc kit (which comes with the case!!) from an etsy seller named Jason Wigs , who mostly sells a lot of wigs – but has a couple of nail art items as well. I got this kit for $3.99, which was the best deal I found for them on etsy. I have gotten plenty of use out of them, and don’t fear I will be running out of them anytime soon. The quality is fine for a costume rhinestone, but I would recommend getting a Rhinestone Picker Wax Pencil (will review below) because it is a pain-in-the-butt to pick up these little babies with your bare fingers and get them where you want on your nails.

This Magic Rhinestone Picker Pen is necessary for doing any small deco decorating. It works on my fimo, rhinestones, and sequins. Super helpful for getting placement just right! It was incredibly frustrating for me to do anything intricate before. Or I would only be able to do one hand. This pen is only $1.95 from CuppiecakeSprinkles which is where I ordered from and she has a ton of cute deco supplies to drool over as well. I picked up some pearl hearts to decorate my Nintendo 3DS XL case with (too big for my nails) ! I would definitely recommend this. Just make sure it is sticky before you use it – I have had to sharpen it with my pencil sharpener a couple of times. But still works flawlessly.

These 3 Skinny Nail Art Brushes were kind of frustration purchase. I have been wanting to do more fine painting on my nails but it is so difficult with the big brushes that come with most regular nail polish bottles. So I purchased these brushes. I’ve used them once – and I possibly need more practice, because I am just not getting quite the results I want yet. This set is from Art WildFlowers , they sell a lot of different art supplies, and a couple things for nail deco. I will give another review once I have used them more.

I have also used craft sequins that I had left over from another project – and they lasted for a minute – I think they may have been too rigid for nails. I found a seller that supposedly sells sequins for deco use – that I am waiting to currently get in the mail. As well as these flat back pearl pieces. I will show you the results when they come in, but I scored both of them for under $4 with free shipping from this craft supply seller Finding Supply.

As you may or may not notice I buy almost all of my deco nail supplies from etsy. They just simply have the best deals I have found and the variations are pretty big as well!

Nail Art Pen Review


Okay onto my review of Nail Art Pens. This was part of why I was frustrated and purchased those skinny brushes above. I love doing designs – but I only have so many reliable nail art pens in so many colors that I can use.

These are the 3 different brands I have:

Hurricane : (the yellow and black in the picture). I get these for $1-$2 at my beauty supply shop whenever I stop in to get hair dye, or weave, or whatever I need that day. These have a super skinny brush and work magnificently! I highly recommend them, but they can get pricey if you are buying a ton of them just to do nail designs.

Nail Star : (The Pink in the middle). I purchased these as a lot buy on ebay of 30 or so of them in 2010, when I was first getting into nail designs again, and they have to be one of the lousiest products I’ve ever bought for nail art. They are designed to have a pop-off top with a pen nib built in for tiny drawing, and you can also pull it out to use the paint brush. #1 most of the brushes are severely broken, ruined, or out of whack in some way so they are unusable for doing fine art. Then the pen nib hardly works even if you use the cleaning tool that comes with it. I liked that it came with a TON of colors, but they just are no good – even the nail polishes themselves are weak. But that is what you get for a really cheap bulk buy on ebay I suppose.

Love and Beauty: (the silver on the right). This is actually a ‘Clarie’s’ product. This was a purchase from 2010 as well, and has always worked brilliantly. It is the same exact idea as the Nail Star (that was why I assumed the quality would be the same), it has the pen nib under the cap and the brush option as well. This one has never failed me. I actually completely used the gold one I had from them. The brush is amazingly as skinny as the Hurricane nail pens, and works well. The nib can be finicky but isn’t the worst. I would recommend picking these up if you are in the mall and happen to come by them.

Current Nail Favorites


These three I have been using a lot lately.

I recently ran out of my Seche Vite top coat and was at the drug store and decided to try out a cheaper top coat. I have to say I’m loving this NYC ‘In a New York Minute’ Quick Dry Top Coat. It does everything it says it will do and keeps my nails from chipping for at least a week which is pretty remarkable for such a cheap top coat.

This Sinful Colors ‘Professional’ shade in ‘Beautiful Girl‘ is what is currently on my nails and is the perfect ‘pretty pink’ shade. Even in my most masculine ensembles this hue adds a bit of femininity.

Lastly, this Deborah Lippman special ‘True Blood’ collection nail polish in ‘Fairy Dust’ . Is a lovely milky and shimmery pale white color that I just happened to come across at a discount store for a steal at $5 for a set of two!

PHEW! That was a long post! I hope you guys enjoyed checking out what is currently in my Nail Kit! I will be sure to keep you guys up to date when I add new pieces, and let you know if there are anything things I recommend picking up!