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About Seven Minutes In Heaven!

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Seven Minutes in Heaven is a collaborative project between two lovely ladies who love vintage clothing!

We source mainly 60s and 70s pieces – as those eras had some of the most fun, brightest patterned pieces, and the statements they still make to this day are lasting and worthy of being celebrated on the streets in todays fashions.

Located in the heart of fashion – in NYC we are constantly inspired to share unique pieces with people who may not have access to them in other parts of the world. We love to share how to make these pieces work in current wardrobes, with current fashions, and trends that you see out in stores now.


 Nicki is an artist, stylist, music lover, world traveler, and vintage enthusiast. She’s an NYC transplant from sunny Florida!

Jem at Jacksonville Publix

 Jem, 28 , Killing it in NYC going on 4 years! Lover of small white puppies, almost anything kawaii, decorating every surface of her house, changing her hair color/style. Passionate about, love, fashion – especially vintage clothing, not wasting time, being punctual, finding new recipes, and going on adventures. Currently into : amateur film photography – instax, collecting indoor plants, gardening, mod home decor, animal crossing new leaf for nintendo 3ds xl, non-stop etsy and amazon shopping, and furniture shopping at thrift stores for my new house.

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If you ever need styling tips – feel free to message us, we love sourcing looks to help you make a statement with whatever you are trying to accomplish!

Add us on Instagram : 7minutesinheavenshop – we post exclusive to instagram pieces to sell on our instagram and it’s a great way to keep up when new items get added to our inventory!

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