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Favorite Products this Week

Jem Written by Jem


    1. Firstly I have to recommend a really simple product, that is beautiful and useful! This glass  spray bottle from Common Good. I recently tried to go the super cheap route and pick up a spray bottle at the $1 store, and well two bottles later they are both broken and in the waste-bin. I found this bottle for only $10 and not only does it look more aesthetically pleasing it won’t break as easily. Their intention is as a refill for their lovely smelling all-purpose spray – but I intend on using it to spray plants in our house. It’s the little things right!
    2. Ramakrishnananda Hand Rolled Incense
      in : Vanilla, Copal & Amber
      I discovered this scent at work this week, we are constantly burning incense ( I work at a vintage shop ) and we bought a whole bunch of new scents for the store, and I found myself really enjoying this – truth be told I am not much on incense in the first place, but this specific scent was so much different than incense’s I’ve had before. I highly recommend it!
    3. Binchotan Facial Puff
       I change up my beauty regiment with a new hair color/style or with the season. To me it makes sense because different features about your face will be noticeable however you frame it, and the seasons tend to do different things to my skin. I had recently run out of my Lush face wash – so I was looking for something new to replace it. I randomly was recommended this Facial Puff by an associate and thought I would give it a try. It looks like it will be incredibly abrasive but it is quite soft – even for my sensitive skin. I use it in conjunction with a charcoal soap and it leaves my face feeling lovely. It only lasts two months so we will see if I will give it another purchase after that. I’ll give you guys an update then!
    4. Thymes Frasier Fir Votive Candle
       : I don’t know about you guys, but I love decorating my house in scents that are seasonal. I’ve already purchased a Cinnamon Broom when I found it at an upstate grocery store earlier this month. I found this perfectly scented Votive Candle from a Minneapolis, MN based brand ‘Thymes’ at a local store in Brooklyn. I lit it last night and it filled our entire room like a forest of Fir’s. I also like the price of it. We had it lit for a couple of hours and it still has plenty of go-power for the rest of the autumnal months!
    5. 3 set of Orbs for Terrariums or Air Plants from Plant Oddities : One of the things we wanted for our house that we discussed and have in our ‘dream book’ for our house was more plants. I surprised George (my s.o.) with this lovely set as well as this collection of air plants from the same company. They came perfectly packed, and the products are optimal – at a hugely discounted rate than what most people charge them in stores locally and that I have found from online shopping. If you too have been looking for an affordable way to introduce plants into your house try Plant Oddities out!