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New In Store : Groovy Afghans!

Jem Written by Jem



We are very excited to showcase some very 70s Afghans we have recently added to our shop’s inventory!

I grew up with these and always have loved their bright colorful knits, and how they can come in so many combinations. My family had a tradition where my great grandmother on my father’s side would make one for each new family member either born into the family or married into the family. I had a pretty pink and purple one growing up!

I once tried my hand at making one for a friend as a present – and let me tell you. These are EXTREMELY time consuming, and mine ended up very wonky and I did the easiest pattern you could possibly do. So after my own try I have a lot of appreciation for any beautifully made afghan I happen to come upon while shopping.

But luckily for you and I, I don’t have to go making these beauts! Someone already has done all the dirty work and we just get to bask in the warmth of these amazing afghans!

Beautiful Fall Chevron Afghan

American Flag Afghan

Poinsettia Afghan

Pink Chevron Afghan

Purple Cake Icing Afghan

Celtic Squared Afghan

Creamsicle Swirl Afghan

Tie Dye Afghan


 Yellow Striped Afghan

Hurry up and get yours today!