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New Year’s Resolutions : Jem

Jem Written by Jem

So the year is finally at it’s end. This one has been particularly interesting for me – bad times and good times of course. But by December I had so many new interests and things I’m looking to work towards and build upon that 2014 is just looking all sorts of shiny and new.

Here are some things I am looking to get into this coming year :


Aerial Hooping / Lyra 

I took two introductory classes this month, but I have been following a lot of girls who do it this past year. Honestly I have been looking for a new interesting way to get exercise that wouldn’t be boring and in my opinion looks a lot more beautiful than taking pole lessons. Unfortunately the classes are a pretty penny here in NYC. But I found a lovely teacher at Body & Pole in Manhattan that I am hooping to take a class per month with, and do some additional conditioning on my own at home.

Nail Art
Nail Art
Nail Art
Nail Art
Nail Art

Building up my Nail Art Portfolio

My obsession with nails / nail-art goes all the way back to my middle school years in the 90s. It’s one of the most fun ways to put a creative touch on an ensemble, and even if you are looking schlubby that day at least your nails will still look flawless. My plan is to start building up my nail design book again – getting regular nail models – doing tutorials on this here blog – and possibly taking some courses to learn the nail basics (such as attaching tips / acrylics / professional manicure, etc.) .


365 Photo Project

I am no newb to taking lots of photographs each year. I am documenting everything kind of gal. But somehow I’ve never done one of those 365 photos projects. This year I want to give it a go. I’ve even already downloaded an app for my iPhone to remind me to take a photo each day.

I also want to print out loads more photographs this year – especially those from my film camera!

My Nook Dreams!
Proper Office Set-up
Copper Everything!
Kraft Paper Menu / To-do List
Magnetic Vintage Spice Storage

Making a house a home

I just recently moved into a new place together with my boyfriend. It is our first place together – and for New York it has quite a good amount of space. Unfortunately for us we didn’t have much in the way of furniture upon moving in together. But we both have big plans for all of the different spaces. I have a couple pinned above – this beautiful hanging chair from anthro for my nook, a proper office set-up (I currently write all blog entries either in bed, or at the kitchen table), we both love copper pots/pans – copper everything so hopefully we can start our collection this year, and then just other small touches that will truly get our house to feel like a home!

7 Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven

This one seems pretty obvious. But making this store/blog all it can be will continue to be one of my main priorities. Finally getting into the groove with Nicki on our scheduling for shopping / picture snapping / blog posts / other projects involving SMIH and what-not. I am excited for all that we will get into with our little baby shop in 2014

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Well those are my main objectives for 2014 – What are you going to strive to do in 2014, or continue to do in 2014. Anything fun?