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Winter Hobby: Knitting

Nicki Written by Nicki

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As most of you know, I just moved to New York City about a month ago. As all of you know, it’s been FREEZING here, too freezing for this life-long Florida Girl to handle in more than very small doses. I also am yet to find a full-time job, so that means lots of time spent in my tiny sub-let apartment deeeep in Brooklyn without any musical instruments or art supplies (they’re all in storage). What’s a girl to do? In order to not go cabin fever crazy The Shining style, I’ve decided to take up a new hobby…knitting! Yep, I’m gonna be that funky lady knitting socks on the subway, so look out for that.

you are what you knit

I can’t promise beautiful results, since I’ve never done this before and I barely learned to crochet when I was about 7. I think I’ll look for some vintage knitting patterns to try! Wish me luck guys.

knit for soldiers